With a background in marketing, art, and psychology — I strategize how to connect and inspire target audiences with visual content. 

Visual Strategist with experience in the following areas:

• Creative Analyses & Strategy
• Digital Media Marketing
• Image Curation & Quality Control
• Aesthetic Judgement, Computer Vision

I am passionate about connecting the world through a universal language: imagery. I lean on my psychology degree and background in fine arts & digital marketing to strategize optimal, personalized visual assets for specific audiences. I've implemented product creative strategy in both, startup and corporate environments in the entertainment, beauty/fashion, and food/beverage industries.

Recently, my aesthetic judgement has been sought for computer vision efforts at global entertainment company, Netflix. 

When I'm not working on visual strategy, marketing, or computer vision projects -- I enjoy painting portraits for fun. I'm very much fueled by everything creative and am always open to new projects and challenges.

I have experience with social media design, management and online/print editorial publishing. I heavily leaned on social analytics to make creative decisions for different branded content. I produced the content, managed campaigns, giveaways, and collaborated with influencers as well. I've learned from this experience what makes visuals stand out most, as well as how specific imagery hooks audiences differently.

Social + Editorial samples below:

I analyze image performance and pick up on artwork trends that work best for specific audiences. This insight helps better UI asset strategy and user personalization -- increasing overall product streaming.

See visual reference below:

Photos: Netflix

Entrusted with my creative, aesthetic judgement to influence pioneering advanced technology (Computer Vision) for global tech giant, Netflix.

Aside from my professional life, I am passionate about painting portraits and further digging into positive psychology. This work is personal and not meant to engage everyone, just specific audiences.

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