Lynette Haro


Connecting target audiences with visual content. 


I am passionate about connecting the world through a universal language: imagery. I lean on my background in marketing, visual art, psychology, and tech to surface creative insights and strategy that enhance visual experiences for audiences around the globe. I am inspired by people and driven by products that uplift all.


I am a Freelancer with about 5 years of professional experience applying product creative strategy to both, startup and corporate environments in the entertainment, beauty/fashion, and food/beverage industries. Most recently, my editorial and analytic background has uniquely positioned me to collaborate with Creative Production organizations at global company, Netflix -- where I uncovered artwork insights and provided aesthetic feedback to Computer Vision operations.


Visual Merchandising

Computer Vision

Computer with Graph

Creative Analyses & Strategy


  • Provided in-stream image selections for title artwork

  • Strategized visuals for UI asset flexibility

Photos: Netflix

  • Analyzed title artwork performance and hypothesized artwork trends across genre collections for local and global audiences

  • Supported Producers with insights to strategize title artwork curation and personalization

  • Uncovered asset insights that highly influenced strategy and production, efficiently decreasing workloads and costs

Photos: Netflix

  • Supported Artificial Intelligence algorithms produce Automated Artwork

  • Influenced Machine Learning taxonomy for aesthetic algorithms

  • ML annotations shaped image-selecting algorithms for designers' workflow


Photos: Netflix

  • Branding 

  • Content Production & Live Streaming

  • Influencer & Brand Collaborations

  • Campaigns: Ads, Contests & Giveaways

  • Social Analytics & Strategy

Social Media Samples

Editorial Samples


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